January 4, 2016 – Working 9 to 5

So today it was back to work, which after a week of holidays seems a bit unfair. The great thing about work is that even on crazy days where we deal with all kinds of people we can still laugh about it and leave the drama at work. I feel very lucky to have that in a workplace.
The only downside about being back to work is that my back decided it doesn’t like my chair today so I went to the physio tonight with a tender spot. Thankfully my Physio, Mat, is AMAZING!!! Along with some new exercises he gave me he also works on pressure points along my back and neck so that after a hotnshower I only have the slightest bit of tenderness remaining. So tomorrow I can start my new physio routine for the next three weeks which will be great. I also didn’t buy any meals today so mark one against a weekly goal, I still need to work on my sleep routine and household tasks but physio kind of takes up my night because after physio I just want to have a hot shower and hit my bed. Tomorrow I can only achieve more.
I am loving 2016 so far…

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January 3, 2016 – The final day of leave

So today is the last day before I go back to work, and while I do enjoy what I do I definitely have enjoyed sleeping in, seeing family and relaxing. I cannot wait until I get another chance to go back to Melbourne to see that side of the family as I definitely do not see them enough. Today I will admit was relatively lazy, while I did finish dusting my room and getting a few necessities as well as final pieces of my brother’s birthday present (he’s seven in a couple of weeks), there are certainly things I chose to leave for later in the week. Having said that my goals for the week ahead are:
1) To not buy any meals, I have enough food at home that I can plan my lunches and take breakfast to work
2) To get to sleep at a decent hour, before midnight would be great, haha
3) To get myself into a better sleep routine, and this is something I regularly struggle with as I am a night person
4) To do one household task each night, this will mean less to do on the weekend so I can focus on other goals like sewing and organising things

I will also endeavour to work on my blogs at a reasonable hour to start a digital detox before bed.

So, dear reader, today I ask you ‘Are you a day or night person? What helps you switch off and sleep at night?

Until tomorrow, goodnight!!!

Another post brought to you by the creative mind of AlternativeAdele

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January 2, 2016 – And I’m already late on an entry

Okay so remember how I said I would blog everyday…. well, I got distracted by Doctor Who lego and killing some baby spiders that tried to move in to my room (Rude!!). But I am now, almost through my Sunday, actually blogging for Saturday. Now I’m afraid I really didn’t do anything super exciting, it was Saturday after all, but I did accomplish some good goals.
I cleaned and reorganised my room and dressing table, I got things ready for work on Monday and built my Doctor who lego I got for Christmas. Oh, and I killed about 20 baby spiders attempting to move in without so much as chipping in for rent.
The main things I would like to achieve in January are the following:
1) Meal plan for work lunches and dinner as this will make the week a lot easier.
2) Go through and declutter my wardrobe, obviously this is something that is best done on a regular basis so I’m hoping to do this every three months.
3) Repair any clothing items that need mending to be worn.
4) Reorganise my sewing and millinery supplies, see what needs to be bought to finish projects and what I might need to get rid off
5) Start gyming

All of these are very achievable if I tackle them a weekend at a time. I think my hardest thing with goals is I often let myself get distracted… between Netflix, facebook and games I find it best to put myself on a digital detox and play some music to keep me motivated, then I only have access to my technology when I have achieved a set number of tasks. The only downside to this is when I am tired and lack self control, haha.

So today’s questions are ‘What do you find hard to keep away from? How do you manage your distractions from your goals?’ Let me know in the comments.

Another post brought to you by the creative mind of AlternativeAdele

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January 1, 2016 – The mark of another new year

So I have, as I’m assuming you lovely reader have too, made it through 2015 in relatively the same fashion I blunder through previous years and attempt to achieve at least some goals. Retrospectively some goals, like attempting to be sick less is ridiculous, my immune system is slowly learning how to do its job again but I can certainly do little to control it, others like money savings goals were kicked down and trampled over by family weddings and moving house. 2016 is going to be decidedly different. First in how I lay out my goals and how realistic it is to acheive them.
Goals for 2016:
1) Continue working with Rhuematologist and Haematologist on my health care plan. While I know have a solid plan of attack for my hip bursitis (cortisone is the best thing ever!!)we are still working on stabilising my iron levels and getting a good venesection routine in place. This is an achieveable health goal.
2) Lose the food baby and tone up my arms. I don’t want to set unrealistic health goals. Working on toning up my stomach and arms is the best place to start for me as it is achievable and I have a 3-4 month gym membership to get me started as once I feel confident in what I am doing I am happy to do fitness at home. The gym membership will commence on January 23, 2016 which coincides with my car registration which I like, matching dates make me happy.
3) Do two social things a month. This may not seem like much to some but as a Chronic pain sufferer I more often than not avoid going out because of flare ups and just not feeling great, this year I am committed to ensuring I push myself to go out even if it’s just catch up drinks with friends or a movie night. I am expecting some friends to help keep me up on this.
4) Get off my L plates. I really am determined this year to get on the road more and earn my P plates, once I am on my Ps I will have a lot more freedom of movement and feel much less dependent on my Mum dropping me off where buses can’t. Also road trips?! Hello wineries in the Hills, let’s go get some great food – Also this will help my goal of being more social.
5) The blogging and vlogging. I am planning by June, because I need to buy a new bed first, to get a youtube¬† channel up and running. I know what I want to do and how I want to achieve this but some necessities need to happen before lighting and such gets purchased, also storagem is an issue I want to resolve first too. But I am going to challenge myself to blog everyday. I like blogging, I miss it… This year I will attempt to embrace my love of blogging again, also accountability for goals through blogs is a big help to me!!

So, lovely readers, do you have any goals this year? Do you find new years resolutions silly? Let me know!

Another post brought to you by the creative mind of AlternativeAdele

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